Fibrevision Fraycam 2

Monitoring excellence for Technical and Industrial yarns

The Fraycam has been well established for many years as the best method for providing image captures of Broken Filaments and Slubs in high speed extrusion processes. The Fraycam 2 is the new generation system which replaces the bulky and expensive existing Fraycam system and can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with the existing Fraytec FV2 system.

Features and Benefits

  • The Fraytec FV2 sensor identifies all Broken Filament faults
  • Provides reliable detection of individual Broken Filaments
  • Both individual Broken Filaments and larger “Slub” events are captured, allowing detailed analysis of faults.


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The Fraycam 2 System

  • is a self-contained system comprising a high speed camera unit, power supply and Laptop PC.
  • is compact, measuring only 145 x 142 x 49 mm, making it easy to mount in the threadline.
  • is durable to use in an industrial environment, being fully shrouded.
  • integrated guides provide for easy threading but also allow easy movement between threadlines
  • operates via Power over Ethernet.

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