Fibrevision FX110 Microscan

A revolution in At-Line QC

The Microscan provides a revolution in QC measurement by providing accurate At-Line measurement of key parameters providing data on both Mean Level and Short Term Variation.

Accurate QC measurement in all filament yarn processes is critical, yet today’s laboratory techniques have major shortcomings in:

  • Measurement accuracy
  • Inability to measure short term variation
  • Statistical significance
  • Lag time between manufacturing and testing.

At-line measurements

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Historically At-line measurements have been considered to be less accurate than laboratory tests for key QC measurements, but the Microscan has been shown in production tests by some of the industry’s leading companies to be more accurate than laboratory tests for measurement of Spin Finish and Interlace.

The Microscan offers substantial Cost and Quality Benefits in comparison to laboratory testing.

Cost benefits

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Very Low Testing Costs - With a few seconds for each measurement a single technician can realistically test well over 100 threadlines per hour using the Microscan.

Lower Capital Costs - A single Microscan has substantially greater measurement capacity than any laboratory equipment and yet is a fraction of the cost.

Payback on Investment - Typically less than 3 months.

Reduction of Claims - Due to Improved Accuracy and availability of Short Term Variation Data.

Quality benefits

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Eliminate Short Term Faults - These faults cause significant problems in downstream processes yet cannot be identified in the laboratory tests.

Accurate Statistical Data - Resulting from extended test lengths, accuracy of data and more frequent measurements.

Faster Feed Back - Immediate identification of faulty threadlines.

Improved Quality - As a result of elimination of short term faults, reduced off quality and Better Downstream Performance.


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