Fibrevision Labtex

Laboratory instruments for Quality Control

The Labtex range of dedicated laboratory instruments provides both product characterisation and high volume QC testing. All Labtex instruments provide state of the art analysis of the running yarn, with detailed quality data produced in a database format that can be exported into a plant QC system.

A wide range of parameters can be tested on Labtex instruments with up to 4 parameters being tested on one Labtex unit. This provides extensive data on key quality parameters that is not available on any other testing equipment.

  • P for Package Unwinding
  • PI for Package Unwinding, Interlace, Broken Filaments
  • I for Interlace, Broken Filaments
  • IR for Interlace Retention, Broken Filaments
  • PIR for Package Unwinding, Interlace Retention, Broken Filaments

Cost & quality benefits

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  • Reduced Process Costs - Process optimisation by full product characterisation.
  • Multi Function Testing - Up to 4 parameters tested on one unit.
  • Product Characterisation - Ensures products are fully optimised for application.
  • Extensive Data Analysis - On all key quality parameters.


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The Labtex instruments are made up of a range of advanced technology components including:

Optical Sensors - Used to measure interlace and broken filaments. Measurement accuracy is assured with fully digital analysis and automatic calibration checking.

Tension Sensors - Used for package unwinding analysis. These ultra high frequency response sensors are sampled at 1000 times per second allowing the shortest-term variation to be identified.

Yarn Feeds - Transport the yarn accurately at speeds between 200 and 2,000 m/min and allow very accurate dynamic control of yarn stretching.


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