Fibrevision Fraytec FV2

The standard for broken filament monitoring

Fraytec FV2 is the Industry Standard for Broken Filament Monitoring,providing proven performance on all Technical and Industrial Yarns. Fraytec FV2 has a range of improvements over the existing FV sensor and substantial improvements over earlier generation Fraytec systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Full characterisation of the size of Broken Filaments and Slubs utilising both central and trigger optics
  • Interlace and Denier Variation measurement


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The Fraytec FV2 sensors operate with the established Fraytec technology identifying individual Broken Filaments down to 5 μm diameter at speeds up to 8 000 m/min. The Broken Filament faults are measured above and below the yarn with fault size options available for 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm from the yarn which are software selectable. A 3 colour display is used to indicate which fault size option has been selected and ensures security of production.

The compact Fraytec FV2 sensor has a fully sealed IP67 design with improved electrical noise immunity that can be fitted to almost all types of machine. Installation and threadguides are provided to suit the machine and threadpath arrangement.

The sensors automatically monitor their own health and compensate for contamination. In the event of faults an alarm is raised on the PC. For operation in particularly dirty or dusty environments an automatic sensor cleaning system is available.

Section Module

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The Fraytec FV2 sensors are connected to a Fraytec Section Module which is normally located in an IP54 enclosure adjacent to the position. However, in some situations the Section Modules can be built into the sensor mounting arms. The Fraytec Section Modules carry out Data Acquisition, Signal Processing, Analysis and Fault Identification. In the case of the Fraytec FV2 Plus system, additional processing capability in the Section Module provides Digital Capture and Analysis of the Broken Filament faults as well as measurement on Interlace Level.

Sections can be configured to operate with a maximum of 12 Fraytec sensors, but due to the high data acquisition and processing rates the maximum cable length between the Section Module and the Sensors is 4 m. Position Indicator Modules (PIMs) are connected to each Section Module and can be mounted in a convenient location adjacent to the winder. The PIM provides a direct visual indication of the quality and running status of the current package as well as the quality of the doffed package, allowing segregation at doffing without reference to the PC.


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