Fibrevision Unitens

The Standard for DTY Monitoring

Unitens has been the recognised Industry Standard for DTY Tension Monitoring on Barmag machines for many years.  Fibrevision Unitens takes Tension Monitoring of the DTY process to new levels, by offering this market leading system for all DTY machines. 

Unitens is different from all other Tension Monitoring systems in almost every area – providing higher levels of performance and reliability.

Unitens makes the difference by:

  • More Accurate Measurement
  • Less Yarn Damage
  • Better Reliability 
  • Full Integration
  • Doff Timing
  • Historical Data
  • Plant Integration

Product benefits

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More Accurate Measurement

  • High Frequency response providing better measurement of faults at high speeds
  • Not sensitive to yarn friction, measures only real tension faults
  • Wide Range - ZERO to 150 cN allowing processing of a much wider range of yarns without changing the sensor
  • Higher Sampling Rates enables better fault analysis

Less Yarn Damage

  • Low Guide Wrap results in lower tensions especially important for fine, micro deniers and Cationic Yarns

Better Reliability

  • Rail Mounted Sensors and Electronics provides both durability of installation as well as excellent shielding from electrical noise that can affect measurements

Full Integration

  • Machine Interface Modules provide Unitens with the same performance on all machine types as achieved with fully integrated OEM solutions

Doff Timing

  • Either Gang or Random Doff Timing with accurate package length measurement

Historical Data

  • Extensive storage of historical data for individual threadlines, merge groups and machine to aid process trouble shooting and maintenance

Plant Integration

  • Multi Machine Controller (MMC) provides remote access to current status reports and historical data from multiple PCs
  • Data Export - Configurable facility for export of data in files for database import

Sensor technology

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The Unitens tension sensor is the heart of the tension monitoring system and completely differentiates Fibrevision Unitens from any competitive system. The well proven Unitens 5 sensor technology features:

  • Accurate and stable measurement system that operates from 0 to 150cN and does not require sensor calibration and is not affected by yarn friction.
  • Minimum of guide wrap (less than half of competitive systems) and low guide contact pressure - ensures suitability for processing at high speeds or with sensitive yarns and minimises guide wear even when processing abrasive yarns.


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